My name is Jessica Wardlaw. I grew up in Dorset (yes I’m a country girl at heart) where I was seduced into studying Geography at the University of Oxford over hours of Michael Palin documentaries and sat on my bedroom floor with an Atlas. Somewhere within these atlases and documentaries I discovered I loved volcanoes and I had the good fortune to marry my love of maps and volcanoes at the US Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. That was back in 2005. Ten years ago. A lot has happened since I returned to Heathrow. Most recently, I completed in my Engineering Doctorate (see this for an explanation), for which this I investigated the impact of user-centred design techniques on an organisation, beyond improvements in the user interface and experience of their software products.

This blog is the diary of my postdoc research on the iMars project at the University of Nottingham Geospatial Institute, where I am designing experiments to inform the user interface for iMars, a website for the detection of geological change on the surface of Mars. Put all my crazy interests into one big cauldron and I challenge you to come up with a better dish. It’s been painfully slow cooking at times so I intend to enjoy it. I hope you do too.


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