Life on Mars

It’s now a week since my viva, which flouted all my expectations in every possible way. I could not have prepared myself for so many of the questions I was asked or being so lost for words. I will forever be grateful to my examiners for reading my thesis and their suggestions/corrections; as its writer I often felt like I was stirring a sauce that would never thicken. Now that it’s thickened I can have some fun over the summer with the flavouring as I work through the corrections they gave me. My arms might ache like crazy from all the stirring but I can finally say that I’m just a few seasonings short of being able to let other people eat it and move on to making the next course.

By this I mean my new project. So far I have really enjoyed immersing myself in fresh literature (recommendations will be forthcoming) and playing on several citizen science websites (again, recommendations will be forthcoming, with any guilt about the hours eaten up assuaged by their contribution to science). I’ve also had the pleasure of coming across some breath taking images of Mars. I am now looking forward to Zoocon in July and consecutive weekends in Snowdonia and France without my thesis in my luggage.

In the mean time I am having fun thinking of posts I want to write when I get back from France. Some that immediately spring to mind are ‘Martian Imagery for Dummies’, the composition and Power of the “Crowd” (which I was questioned about in Snowdonia), in addition to my favourite CitSci projects, online resources for design and thoughts on the papers I have read so far. I will share some of my favourite pictures of Mars too.


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